The Marlowe-Shakespeare Conspiracy on Viennese stage:  "The wrong Face" 9/10/2016







Only 2 days ago I learned via Google Alert about a last perfomance of a theater play Oct. 8th 2016 in Vienna.In 2015 Former Austrian TV-Producer, Theater Director, Writer, Painter Gerald Szyszkowitz wrote a novel "The Wrong Face - or Marlowe is Shakespeare", representing a passionate plea for the Marlowe/Shakespeare Authorship Thesis.-

I also learned, that in 2016 author and artistic director Szyszkowitz produced a theaterVersion of his book for the summer Festival at the Hunyadi Castle in Maria Enzersdorf , as a coproduction with "The Freie Bühne Wieden" (Vienna) based on this novel (The Wrong Face - or, Marlowe is Shakespeare)“

The play in 3 acts supports the presumption that William Shakespeare didn't write the plays that are claimed to be his, but that they were penned by Christopher Marlowe, who did not die as claimed in 1593. The obscure historical situation certainly offers well suited material for a theatre play. -

The productions resumed performances at the Freie Bühne Wieden October

4-8, 2016 which enabled me to watch the last performance